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Access control Enables you to apply security to your site, either to restrict access to specific pages or to control user access to forums. Login to a password-protected page(s) or via an on the-page login box. Users can be added manually or through registration.

Animating Panels Images, advertising banners or showcasing content. Used to bring panels to life using a range of transition styles. Effective attention grabber for the Home page.

Blog  Acts as a personal journal on your web page which hosts your own published articles in an easy-to-use text editor. Articles can be commented on by visitors to the web page. Articles can be added, edited, or removed, while visitor's article comments can be deleted. Another feature is the ability to allow multiple authors to add articles to your blog

Calendar Time-management and scheduling calendar service. Used to schedule meetings and events, and get reminders about upcoming activities.

Change Order Denotes enhancing the site with newly designed features, which were not included in the existing contract. This will involve a change fee.

Cloud Storage This is a cloud content management and file sharing service. Allows you to centralize all of your content and provides more efficiency, speed and simplicity. Ability to password-protect files allows for an additional layer of security. Files can also be shared on the site e.g. fliers for events.

Customized Emails Email addresses at your domain name level, these lend credibility to the entity. Email addresses will now reflect your domain name -yourpreferredname@yourbusinessname.com. These will auto set to forward to your personal email address so that you do not have to check an additional inbox. Consumers sending you an e-mail will receive an auto-reply - thank you for your enquiry, we appreciate your business and will respond within the next 48 business hours. This verbiage can be adapted to meet your needs.

Extra Revision Add On Once the project outline has been agreed upon, The Client is allowed up to two revisions per page at no additional cost. Additional revisions exceeding 2 are subject to additional fees and will subsequently delay the project.

Google Analytics Account is created to monitor site traffic so that you get accurate results on your web visitors. Google Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.

Login Capability Non-members will be able to browse the website freely, but certain functionalities should be limited to members only through a login process if desired. Access control lets you apply security to your website, either to restrict access to specific pages or to control user access to forums, blogs, and other features.

PHP Contact Forms Form builder that collects data from your site based on input submitted by visitors. Data can be collected and analyzed in excel or pdf. Redirects can also be added upon submission, guiding the submitter to your shopping cart to complete financial transactions. E.g. paying member subscriptions. Form build will include CAPTCHA gateway To protect against spam emails. This enables a security check offering a random text string for the web visitor to reproduce in a text box.

Picture gallery Secured online digital photo album requiring a user id and password for administration. Managed by a strong community, which is dedicated to improving its functionality and fixing any issues that may arise with this script.

Search Engine Optimization The website shall be accessible to search engine spiders and be coded with good on-page search engine optimization, so as to make the website appear in the search engine's results pages

Shopping cart and payment gateway functionality Payment gateways are companies willing to accept credit cards payments on your behalf in exchange for various fees and percentages. It is also convenient in that the merchant takes care of securing the transaction on your behalf. This is useful to collect proceeds from the online store, donations and subscriptions. All major credit cards accepted plus reporting and tracking functionality.

Site Search Search facility which matches user search terms with text that appears in your site in artistic text, text frames or tables. This makes it easy to retrieve content from any hosted web pages.

Social Media Allows visitors to promote your site and also increases engagement for upcoming events. Widgets can be added to your page to stream various types of live feeds to display on your page or a Like button that allows users to share and promote your page via their Social Media pages.

User List Mailing List mode  Have website visitors to sign up to newsletters, party confirmations, information request, and many more. Lists can be controlled manually or by self-subscription. Email addresses can be imported as a delimited text file (CSV) or export to a range of formats. Data is consolidated on the back end and used with a mass text messaging app

Video Channel YouTube is an online public communications site. The site allows for registered users to upload and have available for the public their videos for viewing. Site is supported by Google which is also dedicated to improving its functionality and fixing any issues that may arise with this script.

Web Hosting Web hosting is the business of housing and serving the website. In a sense, you rent space on a server to hold your website. Once a website is developed these pages have to be connected to the Internet. We buy the web space to host the website; we call it as hosting on the server. www.domainame.com is called a domain, which is nothing but an address. Web hosting is the place where your pages actually reside.

Web Maintenance Maintaining a website means ensuring that the site remains usable and accessible at all times, and that it keeps fulfilling its functions in the best possible way. This applies not only to the technical aspects of a site, but also to the quality and usability of its contents.

Web Statistics A comprehensive Google-based service for gathering statistics about your website. Once your site is published, visits to your website by the general public, customers, colleagues, friends and family will be recorded, analyzed and presented visually. You'll be able to access your web statistics at any time via Google Analytics.